HOD has over decades' experience managing construction projects for a variety of clients in Tripoli and across Libya, over the years we have worked with many organizations such as ODAC, the British council and many top tier clients.

Our project management services include:

  • Full project management: We handle all aspects of your Project, from initial designs through to the sourcing of materials and top quality construction. Our team of high standard contractors will ensure best practice engineering and build techniques are brought to your project; we’ll also source and supply only the high quality raw materials to bring your vision to life, we will also ensure keen and fair pricing and purchasing, to achieve the best value build.
  • Quantity surveying : HOD can arrange complete quantity surveying as part of our one-stop personal service, ensuring all your project requirements are managed and costed to the nearest possible final build price
  • Tendering service: HOD can also manage the process of acquiring premier building contractors to make your project run smoothly. The tendering system can often be complicated and drawn out, but we have years of expertise in streamlining the whole process and providing legally binding tender paperwork.

Tailored construction design services:
HOD construction design services are at the heart of what we do. Our ability to realize your vision and turn your dreams into practical realities are qualities that set us apart from other architectural practices.
Offering a personalized service tailored to the exact requirements of your new project, we provide a one-stop solution that encompasses every element of taking a workable, attractive design and turning it into a stunning finished build.

Design Stages:

Our design stages cover the following
• Surveys
• Planning applications
• Building applications
• Consultation
• Full drawing and design facilities



Value Architects:
HOD is more than just an architectural design firm, leading the way in state of the art and creative architectural design, HOD uses two decades of experience and the latest technology to bring your vision to life on paper.

Delivering stunning AutoCAD plans and 3D technical drawings, our design team can also breathe life into your project by producing beautiful watercolors representation of your proposed Project, in short, if you can imagine it, we can design it and draw the plans.

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